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As the Chief Administrative Officer, the Supervisor is responsible for preparing and presenting the Annual Budget for adoption by the Township Board. The fiscal year for Milford Township’s budget runs with the calendar year of January 1st through December 31st each year. 

The Board holds annual budget work sessions to discuss the proposed new budget and plan for the upcoming year, which are public meetings.  Once the new budget has been established, the Board holds a public hearing as required by the Township Charter and the Open Meetings Act prior to its final approval and adoption of the Budget Resolution.    

The annual budget is an estimate of anticipated expenditures, and when necessary, adjustments in the budget will be made from one account to another.  This is accomplished by a vote at a meeting of the Township Board, based on a recommendation by the Supervisor.

The budget work session meetings (and special meetings) are open to the public and are posted as required by Public Act 528 of 2012.