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Utility Billing

Residents of the Pulte Development (Kensington Ridge & Lakeview Estates)

  • New Owners – Sewer Service:
    • New owners must bring their Property Transfer Affidavit to the Township Office. Once Milford Township receives your Property Transfer Affidavit, you will be entered into the Utility Billing Program.
    • Invoices are sent quarterly and are usage based. Usage is reported to Milford Township through the meters installed during construction of the home.
    • Payments can be made via mail, in person, or online at
    • Paperless statements are currently unavailable. Payment by automatic withdrawal with Milford Township is currently unavailable.
    • There is a 10% penalty for all payments received after the due date on the invoice.
    • For additional information or questions, please contact Cassandra Thompson at [email protected] or Nina Bruck at [email protected] or call 248-685-8731

  • Former Owners – Sewer Service:
    • Contact Milford Township to advise new mailing address and move out date.

  • New Owners – Water Service:
    • Because two different municipalities handle the sewer and water, you will receive separate invoices for each utility.
    • Water invoices will come from Lyon Township.
    • Please contact Lyon Township for questions at 248-437-2240 or email Melanie Schlacht at [email protected]