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Newly Adopted and Introduced Ordinances

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Newly Adopted Ordinances12 documents

  • 156-a-222 R1R Keeping and Raising animals.pdf
  • 156-a-223 Keep-raise- animals
  • 156-a-224 Accessory Structures
  • 156-a-225 Accessory Structures
  • 156-a-226 Trash Containers
  • 156-a-227 Accessory Structure Definitions
  • 156-a-228 Outdoor Vehicle Residential Storage
  • 156-A-229 Signs
  • 156-A-230 Sign Definitions
  • 156-A-231 Lighting
  • 156-A-232 Municode Ordinance zoning amendment
  • 156-A-233 Sign Ordinance Amendment

Newly Introduced OrdinancesNo documents