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Recycling and Refuse

                                                                 GFL Environmental Truck              


Call GFL Environmental at 1-844-464-3587 to purchase large rolling trash cans or recycling cans. Small recycling cans are available at the Township office for residents. 

GFL Environmental understand they are in your "front yard", so-to-speak, and go out of their way to treat your yard, drive and entire neighborhood with great respect and care. Your GFL trash pick-up will be done with clean, modern, professional trucks and courteous drivers. 

GFL Environmental drivers don't leave what might spill at your curb to just blow around the neighborhood. They don't toss the emptied containers just any old place. They act like they are picking up at their mother’s house – know what we mean? 

GFL Environmental believes they provide the best waste control services in the greater Detroit area. That is the reputation they work hard for and re-earn it every day. 

Their secret is good people taking good care of you, your neighbor, the customer. Their goal is to allow you to become a repeat customer for years.